Week 1

This week was full of trial and error. I had small victories, and some defeats, but the process made me more determined to face week two.


9/3/18 – While today is technically the third day of September, it sure feels like the first because it is a Monday. While there was some cleaning going on previously, I really took my dedication to my 10 minute cleaning session to heart today. I was determined to get two in, as per my goal. Of course I never got to them in the morning, then I had to meet a friend for coffee (you know socialization will make you live longer, totally worth it). After dinner, when the younger kids were in bed and the bigger kids were playing Euchre with Dad I finally snatched my time. I decided to tackle the kids bathroom for ten minutes. I queued up a podcast, grabbed the clorox wipes and a new trash bag and got to work. After I did the typical wipe down of the toilet and sink I noticed I had more time left. Sometimes lately, if I got done before 10 minutes, I would quit. I had other fish to fry, and pans to wash, of course. This time I decided to stick it out the full ten and I took on more of the bathroom. I wiped out the shower. It wasn’t a good job, but I realized how

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long it had been, and I was glad I did it. No more shirking those minutes for me. Then I moved on to another 10 minutes in my bathroom. I almost didn’t do it, because I normally wipe down the sink, and the sink was cluttered with painting supplies and drywall mud. My husband had gotten inspired to take on the green and purple walls in our bedroom. These were not our fault. They were the previous owners decision, what was our fault was letting them stay green and purple for 10 year. So as he does a few times a year, hubby got on that household project. I decided in the end that there was still 10 minutes of other dirt that could be scrubbed away, and I was right. Two lessons learned in one night is not bad, and that makes for two checks off of my cleaning list, and One solid day on my goal.


9/4/18 – Knowing I had to find a way to fit in my cleaning ( I couldn’t let my checklist down) I made a detailed schedule for how I was going to fit in laundry, feeding children, helping hubby, and the cleaning. The schedule allowed for a change of activity about every 30 minutes with no transition time and no room for error. Guess what? I did it. I am not kidding. Allowing myself to say, no, it is 8:00, my schedule says I do laundry for 30 minutes helped me get it done. It was easier to concentrate on what I was doing at the moment because I knew the other things weighing on my mind had a time slot that I would get to. I got so much done, and while I let other parts of the house suffer to concentrate on what was on my list I knew that those parts would get their day sometime this week. I checked a number of things off, and I felt good about myself. I don’t know why I don’t just make a schedule and follow it more often.


9/5/18 – Today was a failure for so many reasons. First, I didn’t have a plan. I figured I would make one up at some point, but, of course, that point never came. One of the tricky things about our family is that my husband has his own business, and I help when I can. This evening he tossed me three things to do before I got to plan dinner. Once that started it was downhill from there. Someone needed math help, I really wanted to be the one to read with my second graders (it doubles for snuggling), and then I really did need to feed people. So did I clean, even for 20 minutes? Nope. Here is one thing that I have learned, though: the most important thing about failure is not giving up on the other side of it. Tomorrow is a new day. A day that is destined to contain 20 minutes of non-stop cleaning.


9/6/18 – A partial win is better than a loss, I guess. My evening schedule was tight. I picked kids up from school, decided on dinner and then met my youngest daughter in my room for a quick run down of her day. She was the only person I hadn’t touched base with in the car and I thought a special appointment was in order. I found out she fed the class bunny. It was a very worthwhile session, but it did cost me time. I read with kids, made dinner, ran my oldest son over to his robotics meeting, and right before I departed for my overnight job I snuck in a 10 minute cleaning session in the living room. If hubby didn’t want to touch base I would have gotten a second round. It was not a bad night.

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