9/10/18 – After a weekend that was rather a bust I am back on track. I divided and conquered the cleaning of the van. It happened unintentionally, really. My husband was intending to use the car to take some aerial hoops to the powder coater’s, so I quickly grabbed all the stilts and sparkly wigs from the kids’ street performing gig over the weekend along with all the trash and water bottles and threw them in the house. I mean I literally threw them in the entryway. But, hey, they weren’t in the car, so that was a step in the right direction. Hubby later decided to take his truck instead, but that was ok. I had a head start. In the 15 minutes between getting my oldest son home from his high school and going out to get everyone else at their schools I grabbed the vacuum and took care of the rest. One job down. It wasn’t until 9pm that I snagged 10 minutes to finish off the entryway where I had deposited all of the flotsam and jetsam from the van earlier. Everything found its home and I no longer walked through an explosion to get out the front door. And that was all just in 10 minutes.


9/11/18 – Just because I was driving around town like a crazy woman today doesn’t mean I get off the hook for cleaning. We are anticipating the arrival of a lovely hurricane in a few days so, of  course, when I left the house to pick up my kids from school I should have anticipated that the first five gas stations I drove by would be completely dry. I knew I wouldn’t get through carpool without gas, so waiting in a line of three cars seemed like  a necessary evil. The gas set me back about 15 minutes, so I wasn’t as graceful as I hoped in the dance of picking up, delivering, picking up again and delivering some more. Finally all five kids ended up at home, and the cleaning was able to take place. I didn’t use a timer today, but the results were still satisfying and not overwhelming at all.


9/12/18 – I really didn’t wanna today, but the time was there, so I did tackle the annoying basket of stuff in my office for 10 minutes. I’m not sure made much of a dent, but the effort was made.


9/13/18 – Wait, What? That was my day. The kids were out of school for the hurricane. Hubby was in a good mood. We decided to get out of the house before the storm went through, and before I knew it, time was up. But for the first time in a while I wasn’t frantic. I wasn’t keeping track of each minute. I had time to catch up with everyone in my house, which I LOVE doing. We all spent quality time together. The house is trashed, but considering we will likely be stuck in it for a couple days with nothing but time on our hands, and potentially lacking electricity, cleaning time will come. It was worth it.

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