9/17/18 – Thanks to a weekend stuck at home under a tropical storm warning due to our friendly local hurricane passing by, I had nothing but time and few excuses to catch up on my cleaning. And I did. Then I started the week off right with not only an update of my schedule to make sure I slotted time for cleaning each day, but I got right in there and took care of the family room. I was really happy with how much better the room looked after just 10 minutes. I was surprised each time I passed through. It’s really these little victories that keep me going when I find it hard to land in a room and set that timer.


9/18/18 – Partially due to the schedule I made out for myself yesterday and partially due to my determination to just freaking start cleaning I got my cleaning done in record time. I don’t mean less than 10 minutes. I mean I did it before any of my kids when to bed. It actually happened before dinner, even. I noticed something else going on. The bathroom I cleaned a few days ago is still more or less clean. The tub that I cleaned a week ago, yup, still clean. The TV room that was cleaned last week, it’s not in bad shape. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say it is clean, but it doesn’t resemble the sea of circus outfits and costumes it did then. Slowly I am seeing progress. Not just in the rooms the minute I am done with my cleaning, but over time. Then the next week when I get to the same room, I am able to go a bit deeper in no more time.


9/19/18 – I did not put on my precision drill sergeant hat today: the one that has me executing precise turns from one evening activity to the next. I knew that hubby and I were going out later, so once all of the kids were home and debriefed I sat for a minute. I totally stared into space. I realized that cleaning needed to be done about 15 minutes before we walked out the door, so I made a start. Then when we got back I realized that even though I didn’t have much time before the next thing on my schedule I did have 10 minutes. Darn it. I told you, even a busy mom can find 10 minutes. So I had no excuse but to clean. We now have a clean and swept TV room, and I have checked that off my list.


9/20/18 – From the time I woke up at about 2:00pm to the time I left for work at 10:30pm I probably had about an hour at home. During that time I made dinner, and did homework (also called reading and snuggles) with my seven year olds, but I did not do my cleaning. Today was the first clear failure in a week with some really excellent victories. There were so many carry over wins, though, that I don’t really feel like a failure. I am finding that my house, in general, looks cleaner in many areas because I am actually getting to them, even if it is for a short period of time. This is a drastic change from looking at a messy room, just being demoralized and walking away. I am also finding that I am less stressed and frantic about everything I have to do, because I know where cleaning is concerned I have to get in just 20 minutes during my busiest days, and overall things look pretty good.

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