9/24/18 – While I had a relatively productive weekend, I can’t say I got everything done on my list. I purchased some supplies so I could try my hand at making my own cleaners. I cleaned out the fridge, and I even left a film of baking soda and vinegar inside my top oven (I have an oven and an half. That is how I toast for five kids at once). Then today I managed to spend 10 minutes in three different rooms, and even start a lost sock bag as Cas Aarssen suggested in Real Life Organizing. Of course I realized that in order for me to have a real, functional, lost sock bag I was going to need to make

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sure I only had lost socks in there. This necessitated a trip to every sock drawer in the house. I would never have started that job if I was really thinking it through, but since one half baked idea followed another I ended up getting the sock bag settled and gave every sock drawer a once over in record time. The lesson is, again, just start! I also noticed as I visited my bathroom today to give it the 10 minute clean, it was still pretty clean from last week. I experimented with my newly made cleaner with peppermint essential oil and it actually worked pretty well. Today was an all around success!


9/25/18 – I didn’t expect much from today, but I did get an amazing amount of things done. In the fifteen minutes between dropping off my older son and the neighbor boy at home I managed to find and print out two different permission slips, get one signed, and load an envelope with money for the other. I was very proud of myself. Then I went to shuffle other children around. All of them got picked up, two dropped at an acting class, and one had her first adventure solo on a city bus. That was an adventure. I got gas on the way home, and we were there by 7:15 or so whereupon I stuffed the seven year olds with sustenance and proceeded to put together two future dinners before conceding that getting a nap was going to be more vital to my quality of life than getting in 20 minutes of cleaning. Keep in mind this is all with the distractions that come with wanting and needing to connect with your kids here and there all night long. I have no regrets, and a couple of extra cleaning sessions to fit in.  


9/26/18 – Make that a couple more extra cleaning sessions to fit in. I still had a great evening. While guilt is traditionally easy for me to access it is just not coming to play regarding my cleaning sessions. I still got a lot done. It just didn’t happen to be cleaning. I read/snuggled with my seven-year-olds, made dinner, went out with hubby, and got my nap. Even though today wasn’t stellar in the cleaning regard I am still reaping some benefits from this new drive to fit cleaning in. I am obviously not that stressed about cleaning, because I know I have a list and it will get done. I can remember that, when I did make the time in previous days, I was able to do a lot in a little time, and I know if I steal the time I can do it again. I am reminded of the importance of just starting. I can see that when I start my evening with the focus of grabbing those minutes when I see them I can do amazing things, but when I am just moving along it doesn’t get done. I still see many areas of my house that are benefiting from previous cleanings. I can still see most of my shiny bathroom vanity, and most of the legos in family room downstairs are home on their lego storage table, but I am also noticing clutter creeping in, and I know that if I don’t get on it and prioritize those minutes, soon it is going to come back to bite me.


9/27/18 – Well I did it. I got my cleaning in. I also made use of one of those meals I made earlier in the week, got a few hours of work in for hubby, negotiated some teen drama, helped one kid study for a test, and I still squeezed in my reading snuggles. I wasn’t very excited about my cleaning. I don’t know that I did a particularly good job, but the time limit was satisfied and the rooms did look better when I was done. At our house I am looking down the barrel of birthday season. I don’t know if you have one of those at your house, but of the seven members of our family, five of them have birthdays in the the next four months back to back. Four of those require both friend birthday parties and family birthday events, as well as the scheduling of a sleepover at Grandma’s house. That means that I am looking at a teen laser tag party on Friday night and an intimate gathering of second graders at our house on Sunday. A gathering which will require the cleaning of the majority of the house. If you noticed on my Pinterest page I have been amassing ammunition for that one. It has been a while since we hosted anyone at our house. I’m looking forward to putting some of my new tips and tricks to good use.

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