10/8/18 – I decided to whip my abs into shape. I had been reading about recommended exercises, and all the wonderful things researchers say about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and I was ready for it. I put on a movie, queued up a new app to try, and got moving. I used the JEFIT app and went through their ab and core routine. The workout asked you to do 15 reps of an exercise, then it gave you a thirty second break before repeating that exercise for two more sets. It was work for me, but I made it through. You can adjust the amount of reps you do, but the default is 15. I even felt a little sore the next day, which was rather satisfying. It’s just a bit of evidence that I am making progress. I followed that up with some of my favorite stretches, which I did for about 30 seconds each using the timer on my phone. Overall I was pretty happy with my workout, and I am looking forward to trying some other workouts on the JEFIT app.


10/9/18 – Yeah, that soreness that I was so proud of not feeling yesterday, well today it landed. My abs were achy enough that my cat/cow stretch was in slow motion. And who has to slow down their cat/cow? It’s easy. But, when I lived on the scholarship track hall of Liberty University I learned some things from my roommates. Understand, I was not a scholarship athlete. I was a transfer that they needed a bed for. I watched my roomates in awe as they attached themselves to giant truck tires and ran up hills with them. One piece of advice that has always stuck with me was when my roommate told me the best way to relieve sore muscles from working out was to work out more. That may or may not be scientifically correct, but I must say that when I have followed it, the results have been fabulous. So I pushed through that doggone stretch and put myself through a 20 minute cardio workout. It was my first using my Nike Training Club app and it worked for me. By the end I was sailing thought those mountain climbers, and the soreness was just a memory.


10/10/18 – I went with the Nike Training Club app this time. It kept me moving. I loved how they managed to sneak in some sprints that I could get done in a small room. I didn’t even feel like I was cheating the exercise, because the sprint was such a short distance. I liked the timing system and the videos that I could follow along with. I work four days a week, and usually I get enough down time and privacy that I can get workouts in every shift. This week was no exception, but on the weekend I bust outside, and really sweat. This weekend I made sure I got out in nature and took on a run. It was the first cool day heading toward fall, and just so beautiful. I sped through three miles in record time and even shared my time with my oldest son. We are trying desperately to instill some habits of activity in him by requiring weekly running, since his hobbies are gaming, programming and robotics, so I thought he might want to celebrate my great run with me.  I still haven’t heard back, but I feel pretty good about my week.

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