10/15/18 – I am finding that all I need is an excuse to ask a little more of myself and I can rise to the occasion. Doing about 30 minutes of a workout hasn’t always been what I have wanted to do for sure, but I have done it. It does help that I have undistracted time wherein to do the workout. If I were doing these at home I would get distracted by dozens of other activities and people. I think the issue here, as with so many of the things we would like to add to our lives is starting. Actually hitting the start button on a workout on my phone is the most insurmountable obstacle to my habit of fitness. Once I hit the button I follow the steps. I don’t get distracted, and I finish. Before I hit that button there are schedules to make and cleaning to do and pinterest boards to admire. Before I hit the button I need to be on call for emergencies,  or conversations, or any number of other things I should be doing. Once I hit that button I find I get my workout done, and then I still have the conversations, and do the cleaning and admire the pinterest boards. It really isn’t a lack of time, but a lack of initiative that keeps me from so many of the things I would like to introduce into my day.


10/16/18 – In the spirit of trying new approaches to  working out I decided to explore Pinterest a bit. I was wondering if I had become reliant on watching people do the exercises with me. Did that improve my exercising, or distract me. I chose a pin that listed a workout that included three different sets. The exercises were ones I was familiar with. I was to do about half a dozen of the exercises and then take a one minute break. Well I found that I would do an exercise and find some reason to putz around before starting the next one. There were at least minute or two gaps between every exercise and likely a five minute gap where there should have been one. I did all the exercises, but I didn’t feel particularly challenged, and I drug it out far longer than I should have. It turns out that not having the option for a longer break is my best bet. If athletic exerciser person moves onto the next set and I am watching theri video I follow suit. Apparently I have less willpower than I give myself credit for. Who knew.


10/17/18 – I went back to my tried and true apps, beginning with an ab workout on Jefit, and then following up with a stretching cool down on Nike Training Club. There have been no aches and pains this week, just solid steady progress. I do feel that I almost mindlesses start browsing workouts at a certain time in the morning. I don’t normally feel like it, but I start it anyway. I am looking forward to the outside portion of my workout week. As the air is cooling the trails are calling.

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