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You can workout in the quiet by yourself in just your sweats and do a great job, but for most of us we are going to need some help staying motivated, and keeping our interest in a workout. We will probably want some variety, maybe some weights one day, and a yoga mat for stretching the next day. Changing it up is also healthy for your body. Doing the same five exercises is only going to habituate your body to the same movements. A run followed by a day of yoga, followed by a day of weight training should keep your body balanced and healthy. These things might just be what you need to keep your exercise goals.
A Good Set of Lightweight Dumbbells
While I am too cheap to have lovely color coded dumbbells I have gotten good use out of my metal tone five pound weights. You should always have lightweight dumbbells around for those toning workouts. I find that especially when you are working your arms into shape it helps to add some weight to an already good workout




An Over-The-Door Pull-Up Bar
This is normally not of the highest quality, but ours has yet to crack. You won’t get a complete workout on this device, butyou will be able to do a variety of chin-ups. And, if put in a convenient enough doorway people in our house tend to randomly walk by and grab a chin up, or in the case of my daughter, eight.



 An Exercise or Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap
Cushioning is important when you are working on your core exercises. You could get by with grabbing whatever padding is nearby, but often a blanket is too thin and  a pillow is too three dimensional. The curvature can put added strain on your back. The carry strap is a handy bonus.




A Good Quality (and Colorful) Water Bottle

Don’t forget to hydrate. All of this working out means you will need your fluids. Why not dress them up and keep them cold and stylish. Contigo is my favorite brand of insulated coffee mugs, and while I am super cheap I will shell out a few more dollars to keep my favorite beverage hot, or in this case, cold. You will also want to avoid the weird chemicals that can seep into your water from some cheap plastic water bottles. 
A Versatile Set of Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a nice, less clunky alternative to regular weights. As long as you continue to put force on the band on both the pull and the release it can provide similar muscle tension as the dumbbells mentioned above. These even come in different tensions, so you can pretend you are using 5 pound weights, or even 20. In addition, there are ankle straps to specifically target lower muscle groups. 




Wireless Bluetooth Running Headphones
As much as I like running, I can’t do a run without these. I work my way through plenty of podcasts and audiobooks on the trails. I prefer the earbuds that sit securely in your ear rather than the round balls most earbuds come with. This design is made with runners in mind. You can sweat all you want, and these sweat-proof earbuds won’t be bothered. Running through a loud city? These earbuds are noise canceling as well to leave you at peace with your soundtrack. It sounds like I might be able to go an extra mile with these on.
A Modern Day Jump Rope for Adults
Jump Ropes aren’t just for the playground. They can provide a truly challenging workout. This may still not be an indoor rainy day workout because jump ropes do take quite a bit of room. But if you want a quick outdoor workout and you can keep the speed up for 20-30 minutes jump rope cardio can be wonderful. Vary your steps from fast to slow, raise your knees or kick your butt. Whatever creative move you manufacture can burn and tone.



An Indoor Mini-Trampoline
Your kids will love that you brought the trampoline in the house, but don’t forget to bounce around on it yourself. If you can keep the rhythm going you will wear yourself out in no time. This is a perfect inclement weather alternative. Your workout need not leave the footprint of the trampoline. Some of those creative leaps you have been using with your jump rope will translate perfectly to the trampoline. Just make sure your kids aren’t under your feet.
A Step Platform with Adjustable Risers
On the off chance you don’t have access to a step anywhere here is your answer. If you live in the completely level ranch house on the block this is the thing you need. It is also a good alternative if you do have steps and you don’t want to wear them out jogging up and down them dozens of times. The step is even adjustable for those days when you can barely lift your foot, but decided to drag yourself through a workout anyway. Good for you.
A Color-Coded Set of Kettlebells
You will be a top trendsetter, and everyone will know because these scream
presence in loud colors. Kettlebells are a serious fad lately, and touted as a top workout tool. Though I typically see them being swung between a person’s legs, and then out in front of them, I am sure there are plenty of other creative exercise uses for these weights.
These items aren’t crazy expensive investments, like buying that elliptical machine you currently use to hang your laundry on was. These little things might mean the difference between dabbling in exercise now and then and establishing an interesting and healthy habit. I wish you many hours of productive sweating on your exercise journey.

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