10/22/18 – Summer zipped right into winter, it seems. After sweating it out for months this morning’s temperature was 34 degrees. In spite of the chill it was still sunny and beautiful I let it warm up for a few hours, threw on my warmer weather running outfit and hit the greenway trail It was beautiful. I never was tempted to lose any layers, but I also wasn’t coughing up phlegm like I do when it is Wisconsin cold. A layer of crunchy leaves were down here and there, just enough to remind me that the leaves would be turning soon. I felt like I was working hard for my mediocre time, so I will probably put some energy into some leg strengthening exercises this week. It was a wonderful start to what should be a promising week.


10/23/18 and 10/24/18 – I work overnight at a flexible job, which allows me time to workout at weird hours of the day. I often end up doing my workouts at 5:30 after having been up all night. This is the perfect time because I find if I don’t move I am super tempted to nod off, which would not be good. On both of these mornings I opted to use my 7 minute workout app. In the past I have huffed through one workout and called it a day, but since I am really trying to ramp up my workouts to last closer to 30 minutes I did two workouts followed by a series of stretches. I had been reading about how to really get the most out of exercise you need to workout to your failure point. You need to push until your muscles just don’t want to work anymore. I didn’t realize how much I just wasn’t reaching my potential just getting through a measly seven minutes. Both these nights I found at least one set of exercises introduced me to my failure point. It felt good at the end.


10/25/18 – While today wasn’t a designated rest day it became one. I was starting to feel the effects of putting my all into the previous days workouts and at workout time I just couldn’t move. It was a sign. Don’t worry, though, I got a beautiful fall weather run in the next day, and did a quick bike ride over the weekend. Overall I am feeling the burn and more often than before I am maxing out on exercises where I just can’t do anymore. In my reading it seems that is one of the best ways to improve.

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