Lists are awesome. Unfortunately, I waste way too much paper with ill-fated attempts to write out the group of things that will finally get me moving toward that holy grail of an organized life. I always feel just one brightly colored, bulleted page away from putting my life together coherently. Maybe these free printable lists will help me get it done.


It is completely understandable that some people put together binders-full of lovely printables and want to charge money for the set. I appreciate their hard work, but I am notoriously cheap, so the lists I have compiled here are free. You may not have any problem giving away your email in order to get free stuff, but I get these terrible visions of endless blog newsletters squelching that time-sensitive, ultra-important email from my kid’s school into the shadows of infinity. Really, whenever I see that blank space I am just enveloped in darkness. So these printable won’t ask for your email. I have downloaded all of them, and while some involve a multi-step process to get them from interesting article to printed paper I believe they are manageable.  If I can get these things to print without my kids’ help anyone can. I hope these lists are useful to you and get you one step closer to having that organized household we all yearn for.



This first cleaning list I found on the Pinch a Little Save a Lot blog run by Bekah. There are a couple options. One printable gives you the option to list every conceivable thing to clean from daily to annually. This one is great for those of you who want to be smacked in the face with all the cleaning you could ever do. Your other option is a daily checklist. Here you have ample room to list your cleaning, plus add on the main goals you want to hit and people you need to call. Somehow I don’t feel nearly so exhausted looking at this template as I did anticipating my annual cleaning goals.





Colors just beam from this cute weekly list. Mique from the Thirty Handmade Days Blog knew you would need to print this more than once so she automatically put multiple copies on the printable page. As a bonus to this option she alots only one chore a day. I think I could do that. Though, I really suspect that the garbage needs to go out more than once a week.









Kerry from the Happy Money Saver gives a sneak peek into her weekly schedule. She likes to divide her days by room. Unfortunately, you will have to find your own flow on this list. The list forces you to type in your own daily drudgery. You can customize the lists as you like. Then, print away.


Menu planning

If you are good with texting abbreviations this planning sheet from A Cultivated Nest would probably work well for you. You get one slot a day to slide in whatever deliciousness you decide to cook up. Right alongside that weekly summary is your grocery list. Fold it in half and you are good to go.







I really like how this grocery list From Sarah at Make it Sparkle divides everything you need to buy into handy color coded sections. You won’t have to shuffle down your scribbly list to make sure you got all of your dairy. It is all right there under a convenient blue heading. Not only that, but the bottom portion allows you to plan your menu for the week in detail. You could literally be slaving away in the kitchen all day long thanks to this list. At least you would know what you were cooking.



Short and sweet is the perfect description for this one page daily planner from Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes . You won’t be distracted by glaring colors, or bleed your printer of valuable ink. Set your priorities, your to-do list, write down your word of the week, (what, doesn’t everyone have one?) and your are good to go.






Don’t be distracted by Alli’s ads. Once you get past all the blinking and surprise pop-ups you will find that the Scattered Squirrel has all kinds of schedule options. Download a calendar, or if you want to be more specific, find a monthly or weekly schedule. There are a lot of options. Do You start your week on a Sunday or Monday? Would you prefer the full page or half page options? Knock yourself out.








Cute hearts accompany every single line of this simple schedule from Inkstruck Studios. Write your to-do list, and remind yourself of what you are making for dinner. But don’t stop there. You can even track your water intake and be present enough to write down the day’s greatest moment. All this happens on one, not very overwhelming page. This will make you think your day is doable.


Multi-list page



Printables on this page from Home Storage Solutions are simple black-and-white affairs. But the range of topics they cover are anything but simple. Did it ever occur to you to inventory your freezer. Well, now you can. There are grocery lists, emergency supply list, daily to-do lists. Some of these lists are obviously useful and some seem more like a nice idea that may not happen in the real world. Both blank lists are included and reference lists that are already filled out. You won’t have to wonder how long you should freeze the meatloaf or what should be in your emergency kit


Lists on this site are some of my favorites. They look very professional and super cute. Each one features bright designs that Kristi put together for her site, I Should Be Mopping the Floor. Debts just don’t seem so daunting when they are encircled by colorful flowers. Compile your bank information, keep a food journal, plan your menus and cleaning, all while enjoying Kristi’s inspiring art. It almost makes me want to follow the lists I write out.


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