It’s been a few years since I’ve had to deal with pacifiers and assisted tub baths. In that amount of time a few items have come out that I really wish I had back when. If you have a little one in the house, or you are about to get one you will be glad I told you about these.


The “Keep-It-Kleen” Pacifier

How many times have you bent down to scrape a pacifier off a greasy high-traffic public floor and frantically tried to find running water? This pacifier claims to solve the dirt and germ problem of public drops. A plastic cover on this pacifier is supposed to flick closed fast enough that the important part of the paci is covered before it lands on the floor. I just wonder what kind of weird mark it will leave on baby’s face while it is opened. Either way I would risk a mustache mark if it meant I didn’t have to worry about random mystery germs in my baby’s mouth.


Boon Squirt Baby Spoon

Food and spoon have joined forces in this handy dispenser assuming your child isn’t suspicious of the chubby spoon. Just fill the handle and squeeze baby food onto the spoon. If my kids had tolerated baby food I surely would have given this a try. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t solve the main mess issues related to baby food, like drips on the chin, or when baby goobers food out of their mouth onto the high chair and Mona Lisa’s that stuff all over the tray. Progress occurs one convenience at a time, I suppose.


Medela Breast Pump

My first baby ended up in the NICU for a week so I had no choice but to start out my breastfeeding journey remotely. The hospital loaned me a Medela breast pump, and after talking to some other pumpers I realized that this is just one of the items even a super cheap person like me really needs to spring for. I used my pump on and off through three kids and it worked great. I even loaned it to my sister in law.


Mimo Breathing and Activity Monitor

This is a very cool idea. How often do new parents feel paranoid about leaving their new baby in a room al by themselves, especially after reading a story or two about poor families losing babies to SIDS with no warning. This shirt is intended to monitor a baby’s breathing and heart rate, doing your typical monitor one better, and it is supposed to send the stats directly to your phone. As with a lot of new technology this one seems a bit glitchy. A Number of reviewers on Amazon had issues with this losing internet connection randomly. I hope technology improves soon so this type of technology truly can give you piece of mind.


Lela and Wevos Embroidered Allergy Tag

Teachers and caregivers have a lot to think about. If you are sending your child into a hectic environment with an epi-pen worthy allergy it couldn’t hurt to scream that announcement loud and clear. This patch seems about as fun as a life-saving warning could be. Snap this on a lunch bag handle and hopefully you can breathe easier away from your child.



QuickZip Crib Sheet

How I remember groggily stumbling in to feed my babies only to discover a lovely diaper explosion all over the sheet. This sheet makes so much sense. All you have to do is zip off the top layer and zip a new one on. It’s true that it doesn’t solve the problem of where to put baby when you are doing this. That was always one of the worst parts of needing to re-do a be in the middle of the night. At least the whole process can get done faster until someone invents the hover beam to hold baby above the sheet while I change it.

Zoli Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

I guess this is a step in the right direction. Filing baby nails is a tough job. At least this device can move the file for you. It leaves one less movement to balance, when baby is wiggling, you are putting fingers in a vice grip and trying to gracefully slide a file back and forth. Until we develop instant and perfectly safe laser nail cutters these will do.

Icecon Baby Walking Assistant



What’s worse than losing a pacifier to the germy Target floor? Losing your new walking toddler to it. Now they can toddle on without picking up a weird disease. Just strap on this handy carrying case and you can make sure your beginning walker stays upright. There is a catch, however. It appears from reviews that this carrier doesn’t fit very small children well. That seems rather ironic considering it is for pre-walkers. If you can get it to fit your baby it seems that you will like the results if gives as well. 

Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier

With this device you can get a clean baby and help the environment at the same time. You don’t need a tub-full of water to wash up your toddler and I have always thought the kitchen sink as bathtub thing to be idealistic at best. Now you can divide off your tub, use half the water and give that kid a good scrib where humans get clean, not dishes.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Dispenser


Because isn’t it about time there was a coffee maker for babies. You know how awesome it is to welcome your day with a fresh hot cup of something. How awesome would it be if you could just plop a bottle under a dispenser and get fresh, perfectly warmed formula, especially in the middle of the night. The catch is, as with a lot of new concepts, this one seems to be working hit or miss. Some people love it and swear by it as long as you clean it. Others have had trouble with consistency, and clogging. You can decide for yourself how much you hate making bottles.

If these items are any indication of the devices of the future. Taking care of my kids’ kids should be a piece of cake. I hope bringing out product glitches now will lead to less mess and more fun.


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